The Untold Story

It was always about the past.

The story of the International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi

I’m Tara Jill, and I live on Maurepas Street and wanted to sell clothes during Jazz Fest.

Amy wanted to sell necklaces.

And Andrea Boll's book - The Parade Goes On Without You - had just come out!

I was dating a guy with long hair.

I was hoping to get more people to visit my yard sale, and I decided to build a shrine to Jon Bon Jovi.

I quickly compiled as much information about Jon Bon Jovi as I could.

The guy I was dating helped me make a high resolution picture of Jon Bon Jovi.

On April 25, 2009, Tara Jill's constantly evolving International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi welcomed enthusiasts to celebrate the cultural phenomenon of the man who wrote what is arguably the greatest power ballad of all time.

I was trying to make a poster, and this wonderful guest shared his appreciation for Jon Bon Jovi.

Guests from all over signed the guestbook.

Jersey Boys

Please stop by to read the guest book.

These lovely ladies pranced down the street singing "I'll be there for you." I had not seen the last of them.

I had to get extra tables to accommodate the shrine.

Free Aqua Net Hair Spray for everyone!

The girls from Baltimore brought a picture of Bon Jovi and kissed it at the shrine.

Simon and Sarah visited the shrine and suggested I make wreaths of roses like the one Jon Bon Jovi is wearing in the photograph.

The wreaths of roses made me feel beautiful, and I was in love.

My boyfriend and I argued about which one of looked more like Jon Bon Jovi.

He really did remind me of Jon Bon Jovi.

At times, I felt like I was dating Jon Bon Jovi himself.

Bic Lighters were popular items!

Then, Chris Rose noticed the Shrine, and he mentioned it on Twitter.

People came at night to see the Shrine and write lyrics to Bon Jovi songs on my steps with sidewalk chalk.

Even Amy seemed to enjoy the shrine.

Selling T-Shirts seemed like a good idea, and Rhonda at Funrockin helped me. Thank you, Ronda.

Nicole contributed a pick and lovely energy. She described the shrine as having a "Zen like quality."

Get Your 80s On - Style This Wig with Aqua Net Super Hold Hairspray!

I began accepting donations, which people generously supplied. Even some Crown Royal.

Stay tuned for the video I made when Jon Bon Jovi’s May 2 Performance ended, and Bon Jovi fans rushed to the shrine.

I finally got to go into the festival the day after Jon Bon Jovi's performance. I would later remember this as the happiest moment of my life.

That's what you get for falling in love.


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