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Lovely Jon Bon Jovi Flickr Pool

I noticed a lovely group of Jon Bon Jovi photographs today on Flickr, and I am sure many Bon Jovi fans will appreciate the work of the All about Bon Jovi group.


Below is my own photograph from 2010. I think it is my favorite picture of the 2010 shrine.


I am very excited to begin working on the 2011 shrine, and I would love one of those license plates and some other fantastic Bon Jovi memorabilia.


Jon Bon Jovi Shrine New Orleans

2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Jon Bon Jovi Shrine


This locket is certainly shrine worthy.



Bon Jovi Locket

Jon Bon Jovi Shrine NOLA Wish List Item


Jazz Fest 2010

International Sacred Shrine


Jon Bon Jovi

2943 Maurepas Street

Still celebrating the cultural phenomenon of the man who wrote what is arguably the greatest Power Ballad of all time  “I’ll Be There for You.”

It was always about the past!Established April 25, 2010

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