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Neat Pearltrees Online Sharing



I’ll tell you what: go to my new Blogger Blog and you can see it embedded all nicely without picky WordPress problems.  Sorry WordPress, but I am too busy to learn a new trick every time I want to embed something in a post.


Lovely Jon Bon Jovi Flickr Pool

I noticed a lovely group of Jon Bon Jovi photographs today on Flickr, and I am sure many Bon Jovi fans will appreciate the work of the All about Bon Jovi group.


Below is my own photograph from 2010. I think it is my favorite picture of the 2010 shrine.


I am very excited to begin working on the 2011 shrine, and I would love one of those license plates and some other fantastic Bon Jovi memorabilia.


Jon Bon Jovi Shrine New Orleans

2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Jon Bon Jovi Shrine


This locket is certainly shrine worthy.



Bon Jovi Locket

Jon Bon Jovi Shrine NOLA Wish List Item

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2009 Jon Bon Jovi Shrine Video

Finally, I was able to edit the footage shot after Jon Bon Jovi’s 2009 Jazz Fest Performance. Originally shot on VHS, this video needs work, but I hope it offers a glimpse of the magical aura surrounding the International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi.

From a sacred part of town.

New Orleans Bon Jovi Shrine Guest Book

Guest book of Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi Jazz Fest 2009

Jon BonJovi on the Moon – If Only…

Sadly, I missed this contest, but I surely would have voted for Minerva’s response to Fanshake’s Where Is the Craziest Play You Would Like to See Them contest.Bon Jovi Contest

Acoustic Livin’ On A Prayer

This acoustic version is beautiful

Livin On A Prayer Video Contest

Bon Jovi Allowing Fans to Be a Part of Their Live Show!

Have You been to The Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi?

Coming to Jazz Fest 2011 to see Bon Jovi?

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