Because I live in New Orleans and live near the location of the famous New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, I once built a shrine to Jon Bon Jovi even though he is not dead.



Below is the first correspondence regarding the International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi. The letter below appeared on NOLAfugees, the best Internet Magazine Alive.

April 25, 2009


Depending on which J.L. is reading this, you may or may not have seen the International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi at my home this evening.

I am attaching some photographs of the Shrine, one of a man who found redemption in a can of Aqua Net 3 Extra Super Hold Professional Hair Spray (unscented for the All Day All Over Hold) as well as a scan of the first entry in the Official Jon Bon Jovi International Special Sacred Shrine Guestbook.

I do not know if this is possible in regard to font, but in general, when writing about this project, I dot the letter i with a heart.  Can this be done electronically?

I am hoping that it is in your interest to follow this project carefully, and I will be happy to send you daily updates.  Please let me know if you are interested and if so, if you would prefer photographs, scans, or if there is anything I should be doing to make the images easier to work with.

I am doing this for the public.  This is how I am describing my project at this point:

Tara Jill’s International Special Shrine of Bon Jovi

Tara Jill Ciccarone’s constantly evolving International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi welcomes enthusiasts to celebrate the cultural phenomenon of the man who wrote what is arguably the best Power Ballad of all time “I’ll Be There for You.”

Future items for sale:

International Special Sacred Shrine of Jon Bon Jovi Jazz Fest 2009 Bic lighters.
Photographs of Jon Bon Jovi.
Cute dresses to attract Jon Bon Jovi’s attention.
Stick on Superman tattoos (he has one on his left arm)
Jon Bon Jovi Votive candles

Potential Marketing Strategy: For five dollars, pose as Jon Bon Jovi in a leather jacket and specialized Aqua Net treated wig and receive a photograph complete with the International Special Sacred Shrine Imprint; Tara Jill will write one quote from Bon Jovi on your body in any color Sharpie you desire.

Mission: To share Aqua Net Extra Superhold Professional Hairspray, Bic lighters, and inspiring anecdotes and memorabilia related to Jon Bon Jovi.

I hope to reach as many people as possible and invite them to the shrine.  I am, after all, doing this for the people. At this point, I am not sure how this project will evolve and look forward to sharing the hope and strength the visitors to the shrine have left in my heart.

And hopefully, I will be wearing a Karate uniform (Bon Jovi’s wife was a karate instructor at one time in their early courtship) – just the top with sexy shorts by the time this incredible icon takes the stage.


Tara Jill


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